-16 % Meruru Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool

Meruru contact len insertion and removal tool

Origin of invention

This gadget called "meruru" that picks up contact lenses
According to the developer's statement, the opportunity for invention was because during the 311 Tokyo earthquake, the victims reflected that they could not wear contact lenses without washing their hands. Usually we use our fingers to pick up contact lenses.

Hand bacteria problem

Have you ever wondered how many bacteria in your hands will get on your contact lenses, as you enter our fragile eyes?
Even if the hand has just been washed with soap, there will still be some bacteria remaining on it.
Other than that, the skin of the fingers will continue to secrete sebum and oil. After entering the eyes, it will make our precious eyes suffer from eye diseases such as conjunctivitis sty, over time.

Using this Meruru contact lens aid, as long as the cleanliness of the tool is ensured before use, it can safely reduce the probability of eye inflammation. This product also solves the problem that novices will not wear it.
[Assisted wearing]

  1. not often wearing invisible, the method is easy to be rusty, each time it takes to wear it, it can be more convenient!
  2. If the fingernail is touching the finger, the eye will be injured and it will be congested. After meeting with meruru, the state of the nails is not care, and it is easy to contact!
  3. after the nails are very long nails, makeup on the fingers after the makeup, outdoor is not convenient to wash your hands and so on, almost every day there will be a variety of hands can not be used to pick up contact lenses, the texture of silicone is also very good, very Easy to be skilled.

Product basic information


  • Meruru suction rod length: 62mm
  • Width: 6mm
  • Suction cup part: 10x7x15mm
  • Meruru clip length: 75mm
  • Width 20mm
  • Clip part diameter: 6.5mm


  • Meruru Clips and Tweezers: Resin and Polycarbonate
  • Meruru Clip: Tip Part Silicone
  • Meruru Stick: Silicone

Custody method

  • It is recommended to change the clip and tweezers every 6 months.
  • Silicone products can not be boiled with boiling water
  • Please use the care solution + warm water to clean
  • Dry naturally or dry with a paper towel

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Meruru Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool

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